JUMP – Halele Carol Bucharesti

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Normaly, the use of a springboard is to lift an athlete into breathtaking numbers or over an obstacle. The springboard made ​​for Halale Carol is oversized. The main feature of a springboard is to give an extra boost, while this springboards size requiers multiple people cooperating to get the board swinging. This is the most obvious parallel to the situation the project is a part of – art and architecture boosting the processes of urban development. As artists we have always an ambition to give our work personal stories and multiple layers of meaning. In this piece we like to underline a strong fascination to our first Romanian reference; Nadia Comaneci, especially the slightly heavier 1978 version of Comaneci, with new hairstyle and melancholic glance.

Arne Revheim





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arne revheim , ytre arna

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